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1. Sweet and Sour Chicken - $12.95
White meat chicken, red and green bell pepper, and white onion, served with white rice
2. Kung Pao Chicken - $12.95
Chicken stir fried with celery, zucchini squash, water chestnut, white onion, bell pepper, and peanut, served with white rice
3. Mongolian Beef - $12.95
Beef, white onion, and green onion, served over crispy fried bean threads and white rice
4. Cashew Chicken - $12.95
Chicken Stir-Fried with celecery, Zucchini Squash, water chestnut, white onion, bell pepper and cashew, served with white rice
5. Chicken or Beef Lo Mein - $12.95
Noodle stir fried with cabbage, celery, carrot, white onion and green onion
6. Beef Or Chicken & Brocoli - $12.95
your choice of beef or chicken stir-fried with brocoli
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